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Does not work or cuts in and out

Another pos app that doesnt work. Cuts in and out ... Mostly out.

Can listen to my fav broadcasts anywhere!

Now I can finally listen to every Cubs radio broadcast, especially great for when Im at work or when my boyfriend insists on watching the White Sox!


This for one week, so far it has delivered.

Great app

Finally, an app that allows me to listen to the games that I want all season long.

Cub Fan Coors Light Man

Now I can listen to the Cub Games With my IPhone while I cut my grass! Life is Good!


I really enjoy this app! Highly recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

Oh Boy.....

I have asked the developer a couple questions and he gets back to me instantly. I like him and the app so much I painstakingly wrote out two long glowing reviews, only to be informed the Nickname was taken already, and wiped out my review both times. SERIOUSLY??? I dont think this nickname is already taken, or at least I hope not! I love the app so much I bought my sports obsessed sister one also as a birthday gift, and she is CONSTANTLY on it!


Im usually skeptical with radio apps. theyre usually never what they claim to be. seeing as how my usual app has taken every sport and made it a "premium" option only, Ive been looking for something that worked. saw this one, noticed the 5 stars and read the reviews. not a single negative review. for good reason, too! downloaded, opened it, put it on the BOS-KC game and immediately heard big Papi hit his 534th jack. not all in the same game, thatd be a record. very impressed.

Works Great!

No glitches or hiccups. Runs smooth without interruptions. Easy to find your team of choice.

Wrong Game!

This is an average app! Sometimes the app will stop the live broadcast (in the middle of the game!) and replay some gave that happened a month ago! And sometimes they will replay it back to back! Hugely frustrating!

Best baseball radio app

I wanted in a baseball radio app and more. And when I had a question about the app, I got an emailed response in less than a day!

The best baseball radio app!

Able to listen to all the playoff games while at work which is awesome! Sounds like when games are not being played the team stations plays back old games or has player interviews which is pretty cool. Highly recommend this app for your baseball fix!

Great app

So easy to use and it simply works!

All I Need

Comcast dropped MSN so I listen to my Yankees on this awesome app and watch live updates Game situations as they happen, players stats etc I use it for every game!

Great App

Finally, I get to listen to the KC Royals with the KC station! It is great to be able to hear all of their games.

Great app

Love being able to listen to the ball games of my choice anytime. Love all the features of this app. Thanks

All MLB Games Unbelievable!

I can listen to literally all MLB games with this app! Love that I can listen to my home team or any other games live while I work. Its the perfect app for the day games as Im working and have no tv. The radio streams are perfect and if theres no games being played its your team talk radio. Its pretty cool to listen to any game and follow the gamecast of each play by play with score and stats. The best part in my opinion compared to other apps is that you pay for this once and get it forever. Unlike other apps this has no subscription fee of any kind. I probably use this app at least once a day. Highly recommend this app hands down if you love baseball.

Best baseball radio app!

Ive had this app for the last two season and its been a blessing. I use to bring my clunky radio to my kids little league games and practice so I can listen to my team but after downloading this Gameday app I no longer have to take that old school radio with me. Love being able to just take my phone with me and listen into any baseball game going on. Nothing better than listening to your home team announcers and station or getting the perspective of the opposing team. Good stuff and so worth the download.

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